News – KP line

An excellent load capacity closed inside a “box” ready at your disposal


To be more and more a reliable partner for its customers, MecVel has developed a solution that allows to have in stock preassembled kits for lifting systems up to 50.000 N (5 tons)

KP line is dedicated to the easiest lifting systems, both vertical and horizontal, where to perform the movement is just required a hand wheel for the manual driving or an electric motor for starting it. These components can be usually found in the market, as well as belts and pulleys needed to complete the connection, while MecVel provides the “heart” of the motion.
The company, in fact, offers three different sizes of gear boxes already mounted and grease lubricated, up to 10 kN (1 ton), from 10 to 25 kN (2,5 tons) and from 25 to 50 kN (5 tons), with two gear ratios ready for delivery: 1:10 and 1:30.
KP line is subdivided in two kinds of kits, KT version and KR version.
The development of this new range allows to respond optimally to a wide range of applications in different industrial fields, with products characterized by high efficiency, resistance and excellent delivery time: an innovative solution at the service of the linear automation.

For further information download the brochure in PDF version!