News – AM line

Connect your motor and experience a new kind of linear motion


MecVel creates a range of “hybrids” between linear actuators and servo actuators, giving shape to a kind of product perfect for the latest generation of brushless and stepper motors, designed in detail to ensure a constant and optimal control on position, speed and force reached during each linear movement

AM line has been developed for those applications requiring high speeds even with medium/high loads, but also more particular movements if compared to classic ON/OFF for which linear actuators are normally used. These products, in fact, act as a motorized arm, dedicated to perform a really precise handling, where all the power at disposal is provided and adjusted according to specific needs, in order to reach the best result.
Main industrial fields to which this line is dedicated are: packaging, textile, robotics and automation in general, demonstrating the important technological development reached, and wherever the duty cycle is divided into specific phases. Different applications have been realized in the food industry, for example for the positioning of measuring sensors on automatic machines for the handling of bottles, and in the automotive/defense industry, to move the steering wheel on vehicles (kind of movement applicable also to naval and aeronautics branches).