MecVel Yellow Line – Wherever a linear motion is required, MecVel is in the front row

From the civil field to the defense one, there are many applications that MecVel is able to supply thanks to a constantly evolving range of products dedicated to linear automation

Since 1987, MecVel is in the linear automation field, developing and producing a constantly updated range of electric linear actuators and screw jacks. These products transform the rotatory motion of a motor into a linear movement of pushing, pulling, lifting or positioning of loads even higher than 20 tons.
In addition, an important customization service provided by the company allows to configure each product in detail (for example in terms of force, speed, stroke length, power supply), in order to tailor it according to customer’s technical specifications.
Moreover, the electric system in use has a lot of benefits, if compared to hydraulic and pneumatic systems, as the possibility to be suitable for many applications in different industrial fields, including civil and defense ones.
Kinds of handlings in these fields where the company is strongly involved are:
• Lifting systems for shelter
• Steering control systems
• Systems for mines detection
• Radar and satellite dishes orientation systems