MecVel Silver Line – How to transform a heavy handling into a light one?

An extreme force and the best protection merge together to create a range dedicated to the mining field and the steel industry

Since 1987 MecVel designs and manufactures electric linear actuators and screw jacks Made in Italy, constantly updated according to market needs, with the aim to meet every handling request, also thanks to a customization service able to configure complete solutions for different fields and applications.
These electromechanical devices, in fact, convert the rotatory motion of a motor into a linear movement, allowing lifting, adjusting, positioning, pushing or pulling any load up to 400.000 N. Depending on construction and drive systems, they can work as on/off devices, or as servomechanisms.
MecVel has customized deeply its range, in order to offer products suitable for the heavy industry, maintaining the highest levels in terms of quality and performance for:
• Steel industry
• Mining field
• «Oil & gas» industry
MecVel adds to the classic range, able to move from 1.200 N up to 200.000 N, the new HRS line which combines the load capacity of screw jacks to the high levels in terms of efficiency and safety offered by electric linear actuators.
The completeness of MecVel range leads to identify always the most appropriate answer to each application request, offering an unprecedented linear motion.

To discover the main products dedicated to the mining field and the steel industry download the brochure in PDF version!