MecVel Red Line – The show must go on…thanks to MecVel screw jacks

The charm of the theatre meets the high technology of the company, starting a virtual tour of the main European capitals where to stop and admire the most spectacular shows, but also the linear motion performed by MecVel screw jacks

Since 1987 MecVel is specialized in designing and manufacturing screw jacks, mechanical devices able to transform the rotatory motion of an electric motor into a linear movement, allowing to lift, position, push or pull loads up to 20 tons.
Years of experience have led to offer an important customization service of the product, which allows to configure it in detail, satisfying the needs of applications requiring a linear motion. Also thanks to this “plus”, MecVel provides an in-depth knowledge of the theatrical field, and different solutions to “animate” and “automate” the possible linear handlings in this branch:
• Handling of stages and platforms used for loading and unloading materials while building the scenography, and raising and lowering the stage when required by the show performed
• Starting systems for the appearing and the disappearing of the seats in the parterre. The screw jack, used as “tie-rod”, connected to a simple lever in order to amplify the handling, allows the simultaneous opening and closing of different rows of seats mechanically connected each other
• Opening and closing of doors in small platform lifts through the L series of MecVel electric linear actuators, where the motor is in line with the body of the linear actuator, minimizing the overall dimensions of the product
MecVel systems ensure high precision and offer a solid structure designed to last and work always at maximum efficiency, responding optimally to the linear motion requests of the theatrical field.

To discover the main products dedicated to work in this branch download the brochure in PDF version!!