MecVel Azure Line – Shades of…MecVel!

A complete range of inline electric linear actuators developed to fit perfectly the handlings required in the field of home automation and shading systems

Since 1987 MecVel manufactures electric linear actuators, electromechanical devices able to transform the rotatory motion of a motor into a linear movement, allowing to lift, position, push, pull each load even of 20 tons (200.000 N).
One of the main plus highlighting MecVel proposal in the market is definitely the customization service provided to customers, which gives the possibility to tailor each linear actuator according to the application needs, in terms of force, power, speed and stroke required.
The inline range developed by MecVel, where the power supply is placed immediately afterwards the mechanical part, remaining along the same axis, has the feature to preserve its efficiency together with small overall dimensions, offering products of “design” and high performance, suitable for a wide spectrum of applications, such as home automation and shading systems.
With L series, designed to manage medium-low loads (up to 5.000 N) with quite high speed (up to 100 mm/s), and EC series, able to handle loads up to 50.000 N with speed from 230 to 15 mm/s depending on the load, MecVel can supply a wide range of applications with innovative solutions that meet both aesthetic and efficiency requirements.